Available Jobs:

5-31-09/Open Positions filled-Thank You. 5/9/09 The Write Station is currently accepting applications for new writers to join our illustrious team. For consideration of a writing position with us, please follow these guidelines for submitting your application.

> Send your resume, a little bit about why you want to join us,  and a couple of writing samples (links to your blog or sites where your works are displayed is fine.) to: twsstaff@yahoo.com, with, RE: Applying for Writer Position, in the subject line.

> We will confirm receipt of your application using the same email address as your message.  

> We will evaluate your application. This can take from 3 to 7 days, as time allows.

> We will notify you of our determination on your application, and if accepted, we will send you further details to get started writing with us.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application and the possibility of you joining our talented writing team.

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