These are Julie's blogs.  Novice and established writers, inexperienced and experienced content buyers, beginning and advanced webmasters, newbie and seasoned internet entrepreneurs, and internet marketers,will find many helpful educational and promotional tools and resources for them on the NetWrite Blog. Over at Glad Living, you will find advice, tips, and insights surrounding the multi-faceted aspects involved and necessary for a genuinely glad life. You are encouraged to share your comments on any of the topics you see presented on either of these blogs. 


They are: 1. With loads of useful information of interest to content buyers,webmasters, small business owners, internet writers, and other writers.

and 2. This blog explores various elements of glad living such as 3-dimensional health (body, mind, spirit,) Living greener, acts of kindness, music, travel, and much more.


Would you care to be a guest writer for one or both of these blogs and build an audience of loyal readers? Send us your inquiries about becoming a guest writer for one or both blogs and please use "Guest Blog Writer" in the subject line so that we can immediately forward your messages directly to Julie. Thank You!


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